Lead Copywriter

At Lost My Name, we're making the most technically ambitious physical books ever invented. We’re making storybooks magical for a new generation by creating impossible stories on a timeless medium, like a story that is created entirely out of a child’s name or making a book with NASA images and the world's first book that shows your own neighbourhood, your own street, your own house(!) in a book made especially for you. Oh, and speaking of NASA, we’d like to take this opportunity to brag that Tim Peake read Our Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home in actual space.

We write, illustrate, build, design, and sell all of our products directly, and have a team working to produce our wonderful products spanning from Art Directors to Dev Ops. We have sold more than 2.5 million books, games and posters in over 200 countries, and we’re just getting started! With the work you’ll do here with us, we’d like to think we’re on track towards becoming the UK’s most admired creative company.

We’re looking for our future Lead Copywriter at Lost My Name. Yes, this is marvellously exciting.

This person will write or oversee all (italics!) of the most commercially important words for the entire company (ads, emails, TV scripts, website copy, lunchtime sonnets and so on). They’ll also mentor another writer. Maybe more than one other in the future. And that’s not all. They will be the greatest champion of our tone of voice, and an advocate for the ‘right way to do things’ ensuring that our messaging strategy and approach is correct for each brief.

Basically, when it comes to words (except the ones in our books of course) you will be our head-human. You’ll be a wordsmith, a leader, a poet (sort of) and a marketeer. You’ll also, of course, be very experienced at all of the above.

Right then…

We are a playful, kind brand. This opportunity will be ridiculously exciting to a smart, funny, eloquent, engaging, intelligent, autonomous, experienced, creative and all-round superb candidate. This role is the Lead Copywriter in the team with a senior copywriter that will be a direct report to you. You will therefore play a central role in shaping the tone of the brand, both internally and externally. You will be involved in comms strategy, UX flows, above the line advertising, and editorial content. You’ll have to be a brand ambassador at the same time as being performance-driven.

What you'll be doing

  • Lead and write TV and product video scripts for new product launches
  • Write copy for product landing pages and order flows, demonstrating SEO and brand consideration
  • Oversee all copy across web, email and owned media for product launches
  • Create, curate and manage published content across social channels
  • Promote best practices for developing, managing and monitoring content for social networks
  • Write brand-building articles (thought leadership, point of view, white paper)
  • Collaborate with designers to devise and develop creative editorial concepts
  • Create playful pieces of content to support craft ideas for parents
  • Be the ambassador for our tone of voice across the business, including maintaining the tone of voice documents and working with freelancers to help coach them
  • Be responsible for all editorial sign-off and be the brand guardian for Tone of Voice to ensure high standards are maintained across all copy produced
  • Ensure all content is relevant and engaging for our audiences driving high levels of shareability and conversation - and of course hitting our ambitious conversion targets
  • Participate in performance analysis and help to shape the content strategy
  • Help support multi-channel campaign/comms strategy and concepts that delivers measurable results and growth
  • Work closely to inspire and mentor senior copywriter and a team of translators

A bit about you

  • 10+ years’ experience as a copywriter
  • 5+ years of experience with SEO, email, web copy
  • Ability to provide examples of playful and humorous copy in their portfolio
  • Ability to demonstrate strong copywriting skills across the full spectrum of channels (digital, print, social, OOH, press, experiential) and the ability to adopt a required tone of voice
  • An understanding of how to create, structure and integrate product strategies across multiple channels
  • Provide positive contributions to the creative process to ensure content is optimised for traffic and conversions across both on and offline channels
  • Understand how to develop talent and instil best practice into the team on an ongoing basis
  • Anything (including side projects) which demonstrates the ability to be hilarious. Jokes, memes etc. Humour is a key tool to disarm and delight people
  • Extensive experience and understanding of all social channels, including behaviours and algorithms
  • Experience writing copy for well-known and/or playful/entertaining consumer-facing brands

Why join Lost My Name

  • You’ll get a sweet, SWEET training budget. £1k to attend whichever conference or training you’d like, wherever you like. Or you could learn some Spanish in Dalston, it's your call.
  • We offer Yoga class every Monday night; just one of the many ways we keep centred and calm, despite the (occasional) chaos of startup life.
  • We also have massages if yoga isn’t your thing, for everyone who wants one on Fridays. If you like neither yoga, nor massages (hey, they aren’t for everyone) we also offer mental health support through Sanctus, where you can speak to a wellness coach about how you’re doing.
  • We have an office Sauna.
  • We also provide a private healthcare plan, a pension plan and childcare vouchers (according to your plans) to show you we care.
  • We have heaps of snacks. Like, so many snacks. And you can always suggest your favourite new ones to be added to our shopping trolley.
  • Speaking of food: Team lunches. We nearly forgot team lunches. Every Thursday our Studio Manager, Shim, orders some super delish food from somewhere in London and we gorge ourselves. It sounds intense, but it's actually quite chill.
  • Our office is full of puppies.