SVP of People

At Lost My Name, we're making the most technically ambitious physical books ever invented. We’re making storybooks magical for a new generation by creating impossible stories on a timeless medium, like a story that is created entirely out of a child’s name or making a book with NASA images and the world's first book that shows your own neighbourhood, your own street, your own house(!) in a book made especially for you. Oh, and speaking of NASA, we’d like to take this opportunity to brag that Tim Peake read Our Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home in actual space.

We write, illustrate, build, design, and sell all of our products directly, and have a team working to produce our wonderful products spanning from Art Directors to Dev Ops. We have sold more than 2.5 million books, games and posters in over 200 countries, and we’re just getting started! With the work you’ll do here with us, we’d like to think we’re on track towards becoming the UK’s most admired creative company.

One of our core values is ‘make something better’. You will help us build on an already strong culture and take our people and organisation to a new level of excellence. We’re looking for someone who can develop an exciting people strategy and vision for the next phase of growth (from 80 to 150). Your goal is to build the programs that will enable people to find the magical alignment between their personal growth and the company’s growth. You will elevate our talent acquisition process and output, help us solidify our brand, train our managers to be confident, high output leaders - ensuring that as we scale, we work smarter and get happier.

What we'd like to see from you

  • Create a clear, exciting and impactful HR strategy through progressive policies that include talent acquisition, training and development, compensation & benefits and culture.
  • Help us solidify our values, and ensure they are own-able (have the power to engage everyone in the business) and actionable (can be manifested through everyday behaviour).
  • Develop our HR tools and processes.
  • Develop training programs that help our people to become the best version of themselves.
  • Work with the senior management team to support and grow our managers and team leaders.
  • Evolve our employer’s brand in an impactful and measurable way - partnering with our Talent Acquisition team to make Lost My Name, top of mind, reputable, one of the preferable options for the scarce talent pool in London right now.

Traits that we'd like you to have

  • You’ve helped 1-2 startups to evolve from 20 to 80 to 160.
  • You were instrumental in the creation and support of high output organisation.
  • Experience in change management in both executive and mid-management levels.
  • Passion for people’s personal growth.
  • Culture-maker. You are a real evangelist of strong company culture. (Blogger is a big plus)
  • Experience in organisational design changes in fast-growth start-ups.
  • Experience in developing a Succession Plan across a fledgling organization where none has existed
  • Team building training - experience in design and development environment is a plus.
  • Proven experience in building disciplines across the organisation.
  • Have implemented performance review process ideally OKRs, and have some actionable insights in this area.

Why join Lost My Name

  • You’ll get a sweet, SWEET training budget. £1k to attend whichever conference or training you’d like, wherever you like. Or you could learn some Spanish in Dalston, it's your call.
  • We offer Yoga class every Monday night; just one of the many ways we keep centred and calm, despite the (occasional) chaos of startup life.
  • We also have massages if yoga isn’t your thing, for everyone who wants one on Fridays. If you like neither yoga, nor massages (hey, they aren’t for everyone) we also offer mental health support through Sanctus, where you can speak to a wellness coach about how you’re doing.
  • We have an office Sauna.
  • We also provide a private healthcare plan, a pension plan and childcare vouchers (according to your plans) to show you we care.
  • We have heaps of snacks. Like, so many snacks. And you can always suggest your favourite new ones to be added to our shopping trolley.
  • Speaking of food: Team lunches. We nearly forgot team lunches. Every Thursday our Studio Manager, Shim, orders some super delish food from somewhere in London and we gorge ourselves. It sounds intense, but it's actually quite chill.
  • Our office is full of puppies.